Fort Bragg


Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg - By population, Fort Bragg is the largest Army installation in the world. Located in Fayetteville, NC, it is home to the XVIII Airborne Corps HQ, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the Army Special Operations Command, which includes the famed Green Berets. A notable landmark aboard the post is the Airborne Trooper statue, better known as "Iron Mike". Dedicated to paratroopers' past, present and future, the restored original can be found at the entrance to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, while a bronze replica stands outside the post’s headquarters. Our Fort Bragg charm is a .925 sterling silver rendition of "Iron Mike" with “Ft Bragg NC” stamped on the bottom.

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Michelle from Aurora, CO

Iron Mike is perfect!
I proudly wear this charm with a "2" star on it since we have been stationed at Bragg twice.

Posted On Sunday, February 22, 2015